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Имя модели: Amia Miley
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Описание модели: Amia Miley, or Amia Morretti as she is also known, is a tight little petite girl with the soft innocent voice to complete the package. She's the perfect little brat who looks like an angel and fucks like a devil. Amia knows how to get exactly what she wants, using her hands, her dirty little mouth, or both of her tight little holes. She's got light brown sun-kissed skin and perky D-cup tits. She had enlarged from B-cups in 2010, after her first year on film. Amia couldn't wait to feature in adult films and made her first appearance shortly after her 18th birthday. Inspired by seeing the cult classic Pirates made her want to dress up in skimpy outfits like a naughty little maid, getting her audience as hard as the wood floors she scrubbed before getting down on all fours for some steamy reaming. Since her debut in 2009 she's flooded the Internet, appearing in tons of videos, and even featured as eye candy in Britney Spears' Work Bitch video from 2013. She loves to keep it healthy, and the cock acrobatics work very well with her active lifestyle. She even has a YouTube channel dedicated to her humor and workout tips. When she's not being funny on the internet or getting slammed on camera, she might be selling her panties to pervs from all over the world. They're willing to pay up to $200 a pair, with sales of this magnitude clearly indicating her incredible pussy power and influence. RedTube has her classics and even some clips you might have missed, so go watch them all.
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