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Имя модели: April O'Neil
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Описание модели: April O'Neil is every nerdy gamer's ultimate dream-girl. She love's playing with her X-Box, as much as she loves playing with her beautiful wet pussy. April also loves cosplay and Comic Con conventions where she gets to meet other nerds who fall in love with her instantaneously, that's if they're not a huge fan of hers already. It's hard not to be a devout desirer of a fuck-doll like April O'Neil. Just look at her two perfect natural milk grenades. Her tits alone are worthy of a big bronze statue but it's her cock-handling skills that most of us worship religiously. What's even more awesome, is that the love is not one sided in this case. April loves her fans. She's super active on Instagram and Twitter so much that she won the Twitter Queen award at the AVN's 2013 ceremony. She loves to please her fans with tons of hot selfies and interesting insights in to her exciting life but true fans know that all the exclusive nudies are mostly posted on her Tumblr page. The fact that her porn name comes from the legendary TMNT franchise obviously gives her extra cool points but what we appreciate even more about the horny little April is that she's bisexual. April O'Neil is the type of girl that will destroy you in a game of Counter Strike then destroy your cock with incredible skill. Then she will destroy your girl's twat and butthole on the strength of her irresistible nerdy kinkiness. After she's done, she will tell her fans know all about it on social media. Follow her and find out for yourself. She's an unstoppable sexual force and you can catch up on her sex-tape resume right here on RedTube.
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