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Имя модели: Brooke Haven
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Описание модели: This brown-eyed, blonde-haired temptress is a hot-blooded hellraiser that loves teasing almost as much as she loves pleasing. She has a tattoo in Japanese that means "Don't Touch" that's ironically placed right above her pink fun button. It probably really means don't touch this pussy unless you want the party that cums with it. That, or it's a souvenir from her early career as a stripper. She started out dancing in San Francisco and moved to Phoenix, where she met Lexie Marie. During a photo shoot they were invited to a porn convention in Los Angeles. She went to the convention and met people in the industry, and in 2004 she took her pole-working skills to porn and appeared in her first adult film. Since then she has lubed up and fucked everything from girls and toys to boys. Brooke has featured in over 400 movies and even took a shot at directing the cock traffic behind the camera, because she's so good at being nasty in front of it. So if you think you're ready to go to Haven, RedTube has an all-access pass to her pearly gates.
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