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Имя модели: Dido Angel
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Описание модели: Nubile, tender and fine, Dido Angel will bring the demon out of you. A native of Prague, this chickie from the Czech Republic is the perfect specimen to justify our collective fascination with Eastern European women. Everything about Dido, from her long, blonde hair to her porcelain skin as well as her innocent-looking face will inspire the most resilient of hard-ons. If her perky titties don't do it for you, maybe you'd like to feast your eyes on her size 5 feet, complete with succulently round toes that could give a mean footjob. And seeing as variety is the spice of life, when she isn't cajoling a cock until climax, you might catch this pussy-loving Pisces on a deep sea dive, chewing on beaver in a glamorous display of girl-on-girl action. Some of her top performances have resulted from her combining the best of both worlds and deciding to share a cock with one of her girlfriends. She's even got the always-amazing ability to squirt, gushing all over like a ride on Splash Mountain. Her nymph-like appeal has made her a star in the teen porn arena and along with her bisexual versatility we can assure you that Dido Angel cums highly recommended. As luck would have it, RedTube has plenty of hardcore videos starring the heavenly Dido Angel.
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