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Имя модели: Eufrat
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Описание модели: Eufrat Mai or simply Eufrat is a gorgeous little princess from the enchanted lands of the Czech Republic. They are the biggest consumers of beer and also a world-class leader in producing some world class-sluts like Eufrat. Her model type beauty is simply breath taking but that's not all she has going for her. Eufrat's East-European features deserve to be on the cover of some top fashion magazines but luckily for us, she decided to take up pornography as her profession instead. So rather than walking down a runway in designer clothes we not get the pleasure of seeing this godly babe go down on some premium pussy and we couldn't be more stoked because when Eufrat is involved, you know it's going to be beautifully executed from A to Z. She has a fear of spiders but one thing she's definitely not afraid of is her vast collection of her sex toys. Her closet probably looks like a sex shop and it might as well be because her pussy is so fucking perfect that she has a Fleshlight modeled after it. The Hustler Hottie is known for her sensual girl-on-girl action but if there is no wet vag or toys for her to play with, she will make her fingers work their magic delivering a performance that will guarantee to have you reaching out for some paper towels with quickness. On behalf of the RedTube team, we salute the Czech Republic for this superb pussy slaying vixen.
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