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Имя модели: Jenna Jameson
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Описание модели: Is there any name in the porn industry that is more well-known than Jenna Jameson? It's no doubt that this porn deity has crossed our mind on more than one occasion while giving the ol' five-finger knuckle shuffle. Jenna Jameson is arguably the most popular star of porn, and her run in the late 90s undeniably made her the Queen of Porn. No one has taken her title because how can anyone compete with a legend that's done porn for over 15 years, has a $30 million dollar enterprise, released a best-selling autobiography, and has had a Fleshlight modeled after the perfect all-American pussy that made her the renowned star she is today. Aside from her flawless box and plump jugs, Jenna also has the sloppiest oral skills that'd make anyone spew in their pants while fantasizing over her. Initially, Jenna started in porn doing girl-on-girl scenes. It was obvious that she'd be a star from the moment she came on screen, considering that she loves to lick and drool on tip for hours and it really shows. Imagine a super-hot all-American blonde babe spitting and slobbering all over your knob like corn on the cob and then lapping up your cum as you finish at the sight of her giant knockers. If you've ever had that particular fantasy, the girl in it was probably none other than Jenna Jameson and her infamous blowie. Although she retired from porn in 2008, she returned to the spotlight in 2014 as a webcam model and continues to make public appearances on reality TV shows.
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