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Имя модели: Krystal Boyd
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Описание модели: When you think of Russia, three main things immediately come to mind: Vodka, black caviar and super-hot slutty Eastern European fuck-dolls. One of these Russian vixens stands out in a category of her own, however, and her name is Krystal Boyd. You might also know her as Slim Anya or Angelica Abby or one of her many other stage names but what we all know her best for is her unstoppable sexual power and ability to take dick in ways that will have you searching through mail order bride sites immediately after you're done watching her performance. She's got this beautiful petite frame that allows her to work in a wide range of categories, so you might catch her being a dirty teen in one scene, then a perfect angelic girlfriend in another just as much as you can catch her being a demonic cock hungry turbo slut in one of her many other videos. Everything about Krystal is so well put together it's hard to believe she's not a CGI. There are no plastic parts on this East-Euro Barbie and though she could have easily made herself a career walking down runways, we're glad she decided to enter the adult entertainment industry instead. A decision we're all the more thankful for because everything she's put out so far has been nothing but top notch high quality jizz draining material. She started her career back in 2011 and from the looks of things, she's far from slowing down any time soon. Catch Krystal's latest sexcapades right here on RedTube.
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