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Имя модели: Marry Queen
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Описание модели: Eastern European girls have that certain something about them that is utterly irresistible. Their sexy accents, stunning looks and extreme horniness all play into what makes them so desirable. This could not be more true then when talking about Marry Queen. This Czech sex goddess has all the elements that make up a perfect porn star. She's got silky blonde hair, big blue eyes, beautiful curves and some grade-A all natural melons that are certified neck breakers. Her puffy pussy is in a league of it's own and though it's perfect in every way, it's her love of hardcore anal action that makes Marry Queen an exceptional starlet. Moments after she blew the candles on her cake for her 18th birthday, she started blowing dudes on camera, as it was already well cemented in her head that she was going to become a professional penis pleaser. A horny teen like Marry won't limit herself to just men either, and she loves munching on pussy and getting her pussy munched by another horny girl of high caliber. As a matter of fact, when you're as horny as Marry Queen, you can't depend on either men or women, and sometimes have to take matters into your own hands, which she does with just as much enthusiasm, as displayed in her many videos which can be found right here on RedTube.
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