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Имя модели: Molly Bennett
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Описание модели: Molly Bennett is just like a little blue pill, full of sexual energy, and everyone wants some in their mouth. She's an American porn starlet from Los Angeles, California, so she didn't have to go far to follow her dreams of becoming an adult film star. Born in 1993 to Norwegian parents, she developed into a frisky little teen, and made her first appearance in a porn video in 2011. Since then she has featured in various genres from teen to cosplay and everything in between her two holes: lesbian, threesomes, public sex, POV, oral, facial, anal and hardcore. She is a down-to-earth girl that loves sharing pics for her fans on social media, whether they're partial nudes, nudes or full on doggy-style deep-dicking pics that are sure to rev up the whole family. She has everyone getting thirsty for another dose, from the stepdad to boyfriends best friend - even the sister-in-law can't wait for her to cum around. In only a few years this little fuck dolly has stamped her name in the game and got everyone hooked. If you like Molly and need a plug, RedTube has all the clips to prove you can be small and still make a big splash.

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