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Имя модели: Piper Fawn
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Описание модели: With her fiery red hair and deep emerald eyes, Piper Fawn is basically the porn version of Poison Ivy from the Batman Comics. Except unlike the comic book character, or real life poison ivy that can seriously hurt you, Piper Fawn is all about making you feel good while satisfying her erotic fantasies. She's also known as Ariel, referring to the redheaded mermaid, but unlike the Disney character who enjoys her life under the sea, Piper enjoys her time under the studio lights getting her pussy tamed by two other hotties. Piper delivers top notch eroticism with sensual girl-on-girl scenes that would make you take really risky life decisions just to have a few seconds between them. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, her all natural tits are so perfect they might as well been drawn by Ollie Johnston himself. This jaw dropping Czech chick started her porn career at 20 years old, doing solo scenes where she was all about making that juicy pussy of hers cum on command. Piper then graduated to making scenes with other female performers, where her true skills at the art of pussy-eating get to shine. The way her mouth makes love to steamy pink pussy curtains is something out of an award-winning European art film but much better, hotter and sexier. She's got the skills and we've got the action right here on RedTube.

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